Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention

Empatica S.r.l.

It is no coincidence that the name of the company is the Italian for Empathy, in that first and foremost the company`s mission is in putting our technology to a social good where the priority is in the care of human beings. Empatica has allowed for an extraordinary benefit to research on human behaviour in an ordinary day-to-day context (at home, at work) enabling continuous and high quality monitoring by leading researchers, doctors and companies to improve what we can sense and infer about human emotional data in realtime. The patented technology that Empatica has built to save lives of epilepsy of patients is envisioned by Empatica to be developed to assist with the monitoring and detection of social-emotional intelligence for people with autism spectrum disorders and stress and anxiety disorders. The Empatica mission therefore has the potential for a groundbreaking and ambitious social impact as well as the potential to improve the lifestyle for millions of people in the US that are affected by mental health problems every year. This remains to be through our intricate understanding of data, machine learning and the development of hard and software as tools to those pioneering goals.

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