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HappyNeuron Pro is a digital Cognitive Stimulation Tool for Professionals.

HappyNeuron Pro programs provide healthcare professionals with specifically adapted cognitive stimulation tools for use with their clients.
Our programs are implemented in a wide range of settings with users of various backgrounds and medical conditions (rehabilitation centers, clinics, hospitals, mental health facilities, private practices, schools, nursing homes, community service centers, etc.).

Cognitive Therapy Exercises
HappyNeuron Pro currently offers 37 different tasks to target different areas of cognition.
Each task has many settings in order customize the activity, as well as thousands of data sets so tasks can be repeated with new content each time.

Difficulty settings
Each task is highly flexible and can be adapted to the user to provide a customized challenge.
Clinicians can either:
- Rely on our predefined levels and an automatic level progression system that ensures users start with an easy configuration and then automatically progress to their own `challenge zone` where they will be pushed to develop strategies.
- Manually configure the settings to precisely match a very specific set of requirements

With HappyNeuron Pro, clinicians can prepare series of exercises for their patients. The patients can then complete these exercises either with the clinician or at home on their own. The patients can thus gain more practice by regularly repeating the exercises they began with the clinician.
The clinician can then remotely follow up and adapt the training, and use the face-to-face therapy sessions more effectively.
Clinicians can control when the patients use HappyNeuron Pro, which exercises they have access to, and how long they use the platform.

Performance monitoring
All the patient activity is recorded and available to the clinician directly on the platform.
Clinicians can precisely track which exercises were completed, when, and how successfully.
User performance is not compared to a reference population. HappyNeuron Pro does however provide many graphs and data points for both the user and the clinician to see how performance is progressing.

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