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ICON Platforms

ICON Platforms is a pioneer company in loyalty, offering customers some of the latest technologies focused on enterprise gamification solutions.
With TALOS, own, flexible cross-platform technology and strong R&D, ICON Platforms offers clients access to powerful digital technologies.

ICON Platforms is a corpus of engineers, software designers, business analysts, marketers, artists, thinkers, psychologists and innovators with a common goal, to create extraordinary, flawless, engaging user experiences for brands around the world.

ICON Platforms` Gamification social world is taking the essence of games—fun, play, transparency, design and challenge and applying it to real-world objectives.
Don`t think that gamification is about games, it's about behavior psychology.

ICON Platforms Gamification moves beyond entertainment to business performance, using intuitive design, intrinsic motivation and the sense of accomplishment that comes from completing activities with clear and personal value.

ICON Platforms Gamification social world builds on demographic and consumer or employee behavior data to engage with strong emotions: being rewarded and having fun play, challenge and achievements.
The premise is pretty simple:
 Incentivize specific and explicit social behaviors
 Increase awareness for products and content
 Drive participation in high-value social campaigns
 Reward consumers and employees

ICON Platforms offers a full range of B2B, B2C and B2Employees loyalty products and services - determining strategies, uncovering insights, engaging customers and employees across and delivering and operating relationship programs.

With a unique mix of expertise, vision, passion and a core team with an entrepreneurial spirit, with creativity and commitment, ICON Platforms helps brands to develop greater loyalty and more profitable customer and employee relationships.

ICON Platforms has delivered enterprise gamification projects in various markets and 23 countries.
We follow customers' business objectives to design holistic loyalty strategy, using enterprise gamification methodology, to define user personas, conceptual game models and designs, game strategy and mission, viral aspects, social integration, scoring scenarios, multiplayer functionalities.
Proven, successful loyalty features and solutions are the guide for projects` success.

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