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Qubiotech Health Intelligence

Qubiotech develops advanced image analysis tools compatible with clinical practice, combining ease of use, clinical value and productivity. The company is an authorized Manufacturer of Medical Devices and is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 Certified.

Neurocloud is an online platform which hosts clinically validated quantification tools for aiding in the diagnostic of neurological diseases. You don´t need to learn complex analysis procedures as the only requisite to have a full report is dropping the images (PET, MRI, CT) in the cloud platform. After 5 minutes you can visualize quantitative indexes and multimodal slices, browse through them, or download the results in a complete report.
Currently Neurocloud can quantify PET images using MRI or CT for fusion a hybrid image, also quantifies MRI for atrophy measurements and run complex SISCOM porcedure for precise identification of epileptogenic focus.

Neurocloud does not require any kind of installation, you only need a computer with
internet connection. To ensure data safety, Neurocloud has been designed taking into account the principles of new data protection legislation.

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