Exhibiting at the European Neuro Convention


We research, develop and innovate in new technologies for the development of cutting edge devices for rehabilitation.

So that COMPANIES can:

- Improve their competitiveness in the health market.
- Diversify into new health areas.

So that Health PROFESSIONALS can:

- Obtain optimized clinical instruments that allow them to improve the assessment and rehabilitation process.

So that PEOPLE (elderly, with disabilities, chronic, with injuries) can:

- Compensate or accelerate the recovery of their motor functions.
- Facilitate personal autonomy and increase their quality of life.

The neurorehabilitation group of TECNALIA has won the seal of GEI: RESEARCH GROUP EXCELLENCE.

Given only to a few select research groups, that, due to their scientific and technological expertise, have achieved and demonstrated in specific technologies, high standards of excellence with international recognition.

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