The Plymouth Univesity Workshop at the European Neuro Convention

University of Plymouth Workshop

We were thrilled to have University of Plymouth leading staff, professors and researchers back at the show in June 2018, delivering their insight and knowledge in workshop sessions over the two days.



11:00 - 12:00

Prof Jon Marsden

Rehabilitation of visuomotor control: From basic processes to higher motor disorders

Upper limb function is highly reliant on visual input. This presentation will describe how deficits in primary and associative cortical areas processing visual information can result in symptoms such as visual field deficits and optic ataxia. The symptoms arising from these cortical lesions and the current evidence base for their management will be reviewed.

12:00 - 13:00

Dr Hilary Gunn

Balance and falls in neurological conditions- what does the evidence tell us?

Disorders of movement and balance lead to significant issues in neurological conditions, one of which is accidental falls. This talk will summarise the risk factors, circumstances and consequences of falls in neurological conditions, highlighting condition specific issues and wider considerations for practice

13:00 - 14:00

Amanda Denton

Professional Development CPD Café

This session will include a short talk on professional development opportunities at postgraduate level. It will also include time to discuss your individual needs.

14:00 - 15:00

Prof Jon Marsden

Deficits in balance and walking in Upper Motor Neuron Syndromes

An upper motor neuron syndrome can result in paresis, hypertonia and sensory loss. This presentation will describe the causes of balance dysfunction following a supratentorial stroke and discuss how selective sensory stimulation can enhance recovery.

15:00 - 16:00

Amanda Denton

Effects of Temperature on Walking in people with Neurological Disorders

People with neurological conditions such as Hereditary Spastic Paresis report that their walking deteriorates in the cold. This presentation will discuss the possible mechanisms and the effects of application of superficial heating and cooling in this population.

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About University of Plymouth

University of Plymouth vaunted School of Health Professions offers a unique, inter-disciplinary learning environment for health and care-related professions. Come and join their eminent professionals as they deliver their expert knowledge on a variety of issues in neurological illness and rehabilitation

Launched in 2013, the School of Health Professions provides something for everyone interested in health and care–related professions through its range of contemporary MSc courses for professionals who wish to advance their health and social care practice.

Students benefit from the school’s fantastic facilities, which include skills and research laboratories, and also research-informed teaching, stimulating practice placements, and teaching delivered by professionally registered academic staff.

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"The course appealed because it was a very good balance of things that would inform my day to day clinical practice, as well inform service redesign – doing the MSc has really impacted positively on my career progression.” - Emma Cork, Neuro-Rehab Service Lead Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust

* This agenda is from the 2018 show - the University of Plymouth staff will be back in 2019!