Dr. Naresh Kumar Buttan

Livewell Southwest, Plymouth

Dr. Naresh K. Buttan is a Consultant Psychiatrist in General Adult Psychiatrist with vast experience over last 17 years of working in various countries and settings. He is currently employed in NHS funded organisation in Plymouth and also practices privately at Harley Street and Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital.

He also does provide medico-legal reports for various
organisations and judicial system as an Expert Witness. He is a trained medical appraiser and sits in couple of college committees. His educational interests bring him the honour of holding Training Programme Director for Psychiatry trainees in Peninsula PGME (Deanery) and Undergraduate Psychiatry Lead for Plymouth Medical and Dental Schools. He is attached with Plymouth University. He has written articles for public awareness and spoken at various conferences and forums. His special interests are in Transcultural Psychiatry, Impact of
Migration and Trauma on Mental Health, Psychoneuroimmunology and Psychopharmacology.

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Interface between Psychiatry and Neurology

This presentation aims to highlight the overview of the link between ‘Brain & Mind’ and how conditions affecting one can affect the other. Few examples of epilepsy and psychosis, Parkinson’s disease and OCD and depression, OCD & Psychosis, delirium, stroke & depression and other neurological disorders with behavioural manifestations are discussed. This is not an in depth- analysis or any research paper, just revising the existing knowledge and sharing the experiences.


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