Mr Simon Dickinson

TalarMade Ltd

Simon qualified as an Orthotist in 1996 from Salford University. He began his career in Oxford as an NHS Orthotist and quickly developed a passion for lower limb biomechanics, extended scope practice and spinal Orthotics. Following his time in Oxford he worked in the west midlands as a clinical specialist for Trulife and continued developing his skills and knowledge in orthotic treatment options and product design. He joined Nottingham in 2008 as Head of Service and was responsible for the re-development of the in-house service there for 6 1/2 years until he joined TalarMade as Clinical Director in 2014.

Simon''s passion for continual improvement has seen his international profile as an Orthotist grow significantly. He regularly lectures nationally and internationally challenging clinical practice, promoting and challenging research and continues to work clinically. In his role at TalarMade he is responsible for quality, education, research, product development and clinical services.

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The HeadUp Collar: A new evidence based approach

Head control for patients with progressive muscle weakness can be a significant problem. In 2013 a group of clinicians, researchers and patients (mainly sufferers of Motor Neurone Disease) began to work collaboratively to improve head control options for patients with progressive neck weakness.
This session will demonstrate the processes behind the design of the Head Up collar and present the evidence of its effectiveness for patients with Motor Neurone disease.


  • Dr Michael J. Grey: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Dr Michael J. Grey
    University of East Anglia

    Effecting neuroplasticity with virtual rehabilitation

  • Philip Coulthurst: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Philip Coulthurst
    CFG Law

    Working in collaboration to improve brain injury rehabilitation

  • Linsey Swinburne: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Linsey Swinburne
    Ottobock Healthcare PLC

    Multi Channel FES for foot drop and knee control

  • Prof Sara Demain: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Prof Sara Demain
    University of Plymouth

    Self-Management in Neuro-Rehabilitation

  • Prof W.Gedroyc: Speaking at the European Neurological Convention

    Prof W.Gedroyc
    Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

    Brain MR guided focussed ultrasound